Woman who accused Missouri Congressional candidate of sexual assault talks about $100K settlement

Amy Harms is going public with sexual assault allegations against Congressional candidate and current Missouri state Sen. Steven Roberts.

Until now, Amy Harms has been known only as the first woman to publicly accuse Democratic state Sen. Steven Roberts of sexual assault.

This week, she spoke publicly to talk about a $100,000 settlement she reached with Roberts even though the two had a confidentiality agreement.

“I shouldn't have to be defending myself, but I am,” she said. “If this is what I have to do to be able to get the news out, to be able to hold him accountable finally, it frickin’ took seven years, but here I am.”

She reached the agreement with Roberts in 2019, saying in an interview with the I-Team that Roberts broke the agreement first by calling all of the sexual assault allegations against him false.

“You've now defamed me, you've now accused me of a crime by falsely reporting your crime against me,” she said.

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